Digital Cameras Need Batteries!!!

Canon 5D – Converted to Infrared, 24mm TSE, ISO 50, 1/8 sec at f16

Taken – Friday 11th June 2010

I set out this evening with the intention of capturing some warm summer sun light, as I arrived on location the light was good, the clouds interesting and a breeze was gently moving the long grasses. “Perfect” was the word that came into my head as I dumped my bag down and set up my tripod, followed by “just how I’d pre-visualised it”, so without any delay the tripod was in position, the camera and lens mounted, spirit level and remote shutter release slotted in, filter holder in place and finally I clicked the switch to turn the camera on……which failed to burst into life……”Perfect” wasn’t the word that came from my mouth when I suddenly realised I had left my batteries in the charger at home!!

Fortunately my infrared camera doesn’t leave my bag at this time of year so I reverted to shooting with that instead, I probably wouldn’t have shot this had I not forgotten my batteries so it wasn’t a wasted trip out after all. Hopefully you will be able to make out the lone figure at the end of the track.


~ by David Baker on 11 June, 2010.

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