Cross Dressing Bulls!!

Canon 5D – Converted to Infrared, 24-105 mm, ISO 50, 1/20 sec at f14

Taken – Sunday 30th May 2010

Another infrared image from the weekend.

In the middle of this field stands a lone tree that looked perfect for infrared, it was in full bloom, was isolated from it surroundings and had fluffy white clouds streaming above it, so I ventured into the field to make the shot. Sadly what appeared to be a field full off docile looking cows turned out to be a herd of angry cows and a lot of very angry bulls, surely there must be a law on farmers taking a hacksaw to the horns of a bull to make them look like a bloody harmless cow!! At one point I allowed them to surround me, hoofs stamping the ground and I swear I saw steam shooting out of the nose of one particular bull, I found myself shouting, swearing and waving my arms around like some nutter on the London Underground, it seemed to do the trick though and I escaped in one piece……thank god I wasn’t wearing red. This image of some of the angry herd was taken from the safety of a bridge!


~ by David Baker on 1 June, 2010.

One Response to “Cross Dressing Bulls!!”

  1. I’m getting worried about you with all these cow shots you’ve been posting recently…good shot though…LOL

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