Evening Light From Swyre Head, Dorset

Canon 5D Mark II, 24mm TSE, ISO 50, 0.8secs at f16

Taken – Monday 24th May 2010

I haven’t posted for a while, as I’ve not been that happy with the images that I’ve been creating. I think one of the problems is that Dorset is in a state of transition, the sun at this time of year rises and falls over land so seascapes are not as strong and in land the harsh winter has delayed the leaves on the trees so the landscape hasn’t quite reached its best. I think we are over the bad spell and most of the trees are full and green. I’m looking forward to lots of infrared and fresh landscapes now….Oh and the BBQ’s and bottles of wine that have been consumed in the back garden of late have also had an impact on my ability to get out!

This one was shot this evening from Swyre Head over looking Kimmeridge Bay to the far right of the frame, you can’t see it on this small image but when viewed at a larger size you can see Clavell Tower in the distance.


~ by David Baker on 24 May, 2010.

3 Responses to “Evening Light From Swyre Head, Dorset”

  1. Sometimes it is good to take time out and enjoy other things in life. Weather, wine & food.

  2. Nice Pano Shot, like the flowers in the foreground, adds a splash of colour right where it is needed

  3. Cheers guys.

    Yes a break is good, but now it’s time to get back to it.

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