Chesil Beach at Dusk, Dorset

Canon 5D Mark II, 16-35mm at 16mm, ISO 100, 15 secs at f16

Taken – Saturday 24th April 2010

The Dorset coast was shrouded in a grey blanket of sea mist yesterday evening that managed to block out most of the suns rays, I debated whether to even set up for a shot but as the sun dipped behind a bank of cloud on the horizon it threw back a little colour that added some pastel pinks and blues to the sky.


~ by David Baker on 25 April, 2010.

8 Responses to “Chesil Beach at Dusk, Dorset”

  1. That is a fantastic picture 🙂

    I was up there last night fishing, having a beer with friends.

    • Thanks Rob.

      Ah…you might have been one of the fishermen that I cloned out of the picture.



      • Possible, I was a bit further along than this, a few of us, we had a fire going too, was a great night and the sun looked amazing. 🙂

        We didn’t catch a damn thing though! 😀

  2. Beautiful colours in this image, love the movement in the water

  3. Terrific Dave. I just love the colour palette in this and the pebbles are picking up all the hues from the sky.

  4. I’ve just been reminded by the previous posts that we did not get our Fish & Chips when we were down. That will have to be rectified next visit!

  5. The Nachos & Chilli was magic though!

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