Fire over Bats Head

Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105mm at 58mm, ISO 100, 0.8 secs at f16

Taken – Wednesday 31st March 2010

Its been a pig of a day on the Dorset coast today, I took a blustery wet walk with the family around Old Harry Rocks at lunch time and didn’t for one second think I’d be exposing this evening, but as is often the way on the coast with about 90 minutes of daylight left the sky broke up a little and as I sat in my study processing images I looked out of the window and decided it was worth a go.

Twenty minutes later I was down on the beach at Man O’War Cove where I had some nice light and shelter from the 30mph winds that were blowing across the cliffs, as the light faded I made a quick dash to the opposite side of the cove and managed to get some frames exposed.

This one of the sun setting behind the clouds is probably the best of the bunch, the wind was a nightmare and the delete button has been hit several times since reviewing them thanks to serious camera shake.


~ by David Baker on 31 March, 2010.

3 Responses to “Fire over Bats Head”

  1. Great image. Lovely light. Went out today myself and battled with the elements.

  2. Why couldn’t it have been like that when we were down ? ?
    Great Shot, worth the journey over

  3. Oh to be 20 minutes from that spot 🙂

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