Wet Weather!!

Canon 5d MarkII, Lensbaby Composer, ISO 100, 1/60 sec with f2.8 Aperture Ring

Taken – Saturday 27th February 2010

I’ve just returned from a wet and miserable trip up North, Cheshire to be precise, and after getting soaked and blown all over the place at Malham Cove, Yorkshire on Friday the weekend didn’t improve, so sadly I came away with no images.

I thought I’d show an image that I’ve just processed, shot a few weeks back when the weather was much the same. It was taken using a Lensbaby Composer, which is a funky little lens that moves on a ball and socket fixing allowing the user to adjust the point of focus, aperture rings are dropped in to the front of the lens to cause a pleasing blur effect around the edges of the point of focus.

Its not a lens I use that often but sometimes it’s just fun to play around and see what you get, this image is a bit different to my norm, to be honest its a bit ‘artsy fartsy’ but I quite like the effect. I will post another Lensbaby shot tomorrow, but if you are interested in the efect check out the Lensbaby site – www.lensbaby.com


~ by David Baker on 15 March, 2010.

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